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Corporate Three Design Summer Internships 2014

Announcing Our 2014 Summer Interns!

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Career Opportunities

Meet  the Interns

Molly Misek and Dan Kelly (coincidently both Creighton students) will be joining the Corporate Three Design team this summer to take part in our first internship program! We are super happy to have each of them on board and are excited for this summer to begin.

Instead of writing some super lame introductions for each of our new interns, we decided it would be more fitting to have them introduce themselves and a few of their quirks.

Molly Misek - Design Intern

What are some of your hobbies?:

UGH SO MANY. Well, I love doing concert photography, doodling, writing melancholy poetry, laying in the sun, playing the ukulele, reading under trees, talking to weird humans, and going on adventures.

Why did you get into design?:

I’ve always been into creative pursuits, but I never really thought of myself as a designer until I realized how much I loved to solve problems through design solutions. I’m also obsessed with the aesthetics of things, so that helps.

What's a quirk of yours?:

I own a tarantula named Tatiana. I bought her a few years ago to get over my fear of spiders. She’s pretty badass, especially when she hunts.

Curate a 10-song playlist that reflects your general music taste:

You’re killing me with this ten-song limit.

  1. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
  2. Afterlife - Arcade Fire
  3. Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks - Say Hi
  4. Dissolve Me - Alt-J
  5. Modern Castles - Digital Leather
  6. Jejune Stars - Bright Eyes
  7. Flashlight - The Front Bottoms
  8. Spirit - Future Islands
  9. Stark Weather - Icky Blossoms
  10. The Bed Song - Amanda Palmer
  11. Bonus - Metal Heart - Cat Power (the version from Moon Pix, not from Jukebox) (there is a difference) (aka she covered her own song)
  12. Bonus Bonus - Haircuts Uniform - Deleted Scenes

Listen to Molly's Playlist on Rdio or Spotify.

Daniel P. Kelly Jr. - Development Intern

What are some of your hobbies?:

I could definitely be considered more of an extreme sports enthusiast. I frequently attend and compete in downhill skateboarding (longboarding) events and cover them on my website midwestlongboarding.com. I have also played tournament paintball in the past and enjoy slacklining when the weather is right. When I am not outside finding a fun way to get hurt, I play piano and love seeing live music.

Why did you get into design?:

I always enjoyed drawing and sketching very complex things when I was younger. At Creighton, learning new software allowed me to understand both the limitations and opportunities for that same creativity within the digital world.

What's a quirk of yours?:

As a kid, I developed a profound fear of getting chapped lips. I still carry Chapstick in my left pocket every day, regardless of the current season's risk factor for dryness. I never leave the house without it.

Curate a 10-song playlist that reflects your general music taste:

  1. Nemo - Umphrey's McGee
  2. No Quarter - Led Zeppelin
  3. Halfway to the Moon - Phish
  4. Premium - RAQ
  5. Skin it Back - Little Feat.
  6. Sometimes a River - The String Cheese Incident
  7. Deal - The Grateful Dead
  8. Peaches en Regalia - Frank Zappa
  9. Birdland - Weather Report
  10. Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet

Listen to Daniel P. Kelly Jr.'s playlist on Rdio or Spotify.

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