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5 Website Mistakes Hurting Your Business

Having a website that reinforces your brand is just the beginning of marketing your business online.

Learn how you can avoid these five mistakes that could be preventing your website from becoming the tool your business needs.

1. The Site Is Not Responsive

Did you know that mobile-friendly websites actually show up more in search results? 

Failure to adapt to the needs of mobile users is one of the most common website mistakes in 2017. Your customers are constantly searching for answers and information that will aid them in their buying decisions. But they aren’t just searching from a single device, your customers are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets—sometimes two at a time! 

A fully responsive, mobile-friendly website will provide the most seamless user experience for your customers, no matter what device they use to access your company website. Google also recognizes mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for websites in mobile search results, meaning you will show up more frequently with a responsive website. 

2. Content Hasn’t Been Updated

When was the last time you added something new to your site?

Having no content strategy to follow after launch is a major website mistake. Search engines are regularly crawling the internet looking for new content to return the best search results for their users. In order to stay relevant in your industry, consider how original content can help set you apart from your competitors.  

Updating your content doesn't have to be done daily or even weekly, but take the time to put together a content calendar that gives you an outline and timeline for when you should be adding new information to your site.

Fresh content can come from anywhere. Look to your staff for the people who are already doing it. If you have more than a few employees, I'll bet that you have someone on staff who is already blogging on their own time, and more often than not, blogging about your industry.

3. Business Information Is Incorrect Or Missing

Are your customers able to find your business information when they need it?

Failure to optimize your site for local traffic is a critical website mistake. The most basic step toward improving your local visibility is verifying your company’s Google My Business listing. 

Google uses this information to display the most relevant local results for individuals searching for products and services near you. Verifying your business profiles on major social media channels can further improve the credibility of your business information for customers and search engines alike. 

Your business phone number, address, and contact information should also be clearly displayed on your site. Take your site’s local optimization a step further by ensuring that all phone numbers are setup as click-to-call links and by displaying embeddable Google Maps for all your brick and mortar locations. 

4. Not Collecting Email Addresses or Contact Submissions

Do you have a method for staying in touch with potential customers who interact with your site?

Not following up with users after they visit your site is a considerable website mistake. Look for ways to grow an email list of current and potential clients to stay connected and pitch new opportunities down the road. Try offering a valuable piece of knowledge related to your customers’ pain points that can be packaged into a download or email. 

Similarly, your customers should be able to get in touch with you when using your website. If your site lacks a basic contact form or customer touchpoint like a live chat, consider how one can improve your relationship and communications strategy with the people that are visiting with your website.  

5. Not Running or Reviewing Website's Analytics

Do you know your conversion rate? If not, you may be surprised to find the correct answer. 

Ignoring the importance of actionable data is a serious website mistake. Your site’s data can tell you a lot about how well your content delivers and what can be improved to get you the results your business needs.

Would you rather have 15,000 daily visitors that results in 10 people completing your goal action or would you rather have 100 visitors and 30 completing the goal action? Unless you know your conversion rate, you can't be sure. Google Analytics is a great place to start!

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